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The first in a new Blind Faith book series debuts this spring. In 

Blind Faith 

Love Is Patient

young artist Wesley O'Connell goes on a blind date, only to find his date really is blind, but sees more than he. 

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"Blind Faith is an extremely well written, not your everyday, love story. The characters are believable and relatable. I felt awkward right along with the main character on his first date. The story looks at love from the inside out and helps the reader see the unseen. Highly recommended." 

"Having read the first four chapters of Blind Faith, I can say I'm genuinely excited and looking forward to reading the rest of Wes and Morgan's journey! I just love the characters! They ring true. Well-written, the author has created a romance story that will be hard to put down! Can't wait for the release date!" - Sean Elliot Russell, author of The Jesus Boy, and others

"I'm so excited for you both. God has blessed both of you with this amazing gift of expression. Just the title Blind Faith says so much about both of you and your ministry. Blind Faith, I love it! 'For we walk by faith, not by sight.' —II Corinthians 5:7" - Archbishop Ron Feyl, retired

"Blind Faith: Love Is Patient by Kevin and Kristen Collier is a light-hearted YA read with themes of faith and trust. The characters are wholesome with good family relationships. It is not a heavy read, an atmosphere of fun pervades the story. I loved the inclusion of animals - and found the introduction to the cat highly amusing. A fun read." #1 Christian Fiction Reviewer Julia Wilson/Christian Bookaholic

"Blind Faith is a wonderful story with vivid characters. The bantering between siblings and friends is authentic teen talk. I love the interactions between Wes and his sibling. The writers show the story so well, I can picture everything as I read. I love Morgan and Wes. Morgan is written in such a way that we applaud her because she doesn’t act like an invalid because of her disability. And both Morgan and Wes have authentic emotions. Wonderful story!" - Award-winning author, Deb Allard

From left: Mark Hancock, Deb Gardner Allard, Eva Marie Everson
Florida Christian Writer’s Conference, Feb. 25, 2018

Another Advance Reader Review: 

"Congrats and keep writing! Let me know when you’re done and I will write a review. You have a great hook and real characters we care about." author Infinity Stone


Coming this spring from Tangerine Sky Productions.

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